Take a boat tour and explore the islands of Bocas del Toro. There are several options for boat tours but we recommend these:


Use one of our bikes to explore the Bocas islands. Up the road from our bed and breakfast is Bluff Beach. On the way there you can check out the little lagoons and trails. You can also rent an electric bike and explore more parts of the island such as Boca del Drago. We rent our bikes with a $50 deposit for $10 a day. You can also rent bikes in Bocas Town from the following places:


Start your day by optimizing your energy flow in the body & mind with yoga. We recommend Bocas Yoga:


Life in Bocas is very simple, during the day you can enjoy paradise beaches or jungle adventures, explore coral reefs or get lost in mangrove rivers, but when night comes, a new world emerges on the islands, and especially in Bocas Town. And who doesn’t like to enjoy a little activity when the sun goes down? But, no matter if you’re into the daytime or nighttime scene, Bocas has something for you. Don’t miss dancing the day or night away in one of the various over the water dance clubs and the pure Caribbean atmosphere.

Like to have fun but not really a late night person? No problem! For an AMAZING day time party, try out Bocas’ famous Filthy Friday – a super fun-filled island bar crawl!


Check out their pages to find out the best nights to go to each!
  • La Iguana Surf Bar – Great dance nights on Sundays (Electro Music), Mondays (Live Music when available), Tuesdays (Ladies Night) and Thursdays (Live Music when available)
  • Summer Beach Club – Bocas’s best Wednesday and Saturday night parties
  • Aqua Lounge – Hostel bar & party; best spot for Friday evenings, where the Filthy Friday crowd ends up after the day time island bar crawl
  • Space Lounge – New bar and lounge; not really sure what days are best just yet, but never hurts to stop by and try it out! Check their page to find out what’s going on.
  • Barco Hundido – Great place to end the night; gets started the latest; more of mix with locals and tends to play more local music mixed in.
  • Selina – Hostel bar & party
  • Mamallena- Hostel bar & party


Great for day or night time adult beverages, pretty much any day of the week.
  • Tequila Republic – Day or Night fun. Huge selection of Tequilas – and if you get the munchies, try the DIRTY BURGER
  • The Bookstore Bar – Day or Night fun. Dive bar type setting in an over the water location. THE spot for live shows of local and touring musicians.
  • Bocas Brewery – Craft beer brewed right here in Bocas, also serving other Panama craft beers
  • Toro Loco – Sports Bar
  • Skully’s Restaurant & Bar – Beach Bar, about a 15 min walk/5 min bike ride away.


Dine with your friends or enjoy a candlelight dinner with your lover. Over the sea or on the beach; on the main island or any of its nine islands…Bocas del Toro offers an ambience for every occasion and with more options that you could ever imagine for having an unforgettable dinner. From authentic Caribbean cuisine, to Italian, Mediterranean, Asian-fusion, Thai, Tex-Mex, Hindu, Seafood, or classic American dishes. Within the tiny district of Bocas Town on the main island, you may practically cover the 5 continents through your palate alone. In this section are some of our favorites. Most restaurants in Bocas are not open every day of the week. So be sure to check out their page before departing.


All of the following restaurants have great food and a great vibe if you’d like to stop by for lunch while you’re out for the day enjoying Bocas. All of them also serve dinner.
  • Skully’s – Casual beach bar for lunch or dinner. Great for a lazy day lounging by the beach or in their pool! Great drinks and friendly environment. Closed in September.
  • The View at Oasis – One of the few options for lunch in the Bluff area. A good variety of options for lunch or dinner at very reasonable prices.
  • Azul Paradise Oceano – Lovey over the water location at one of the newest hotels in Bocas. Great service and high quality food. Open for lunch or dinner.
  • La Buguita Ocean Lounge – Casual spot with lots of space for lounging in a relaxed over the water location. Great location for lunch or dinner if you’re in town; with live music on a regular basis.
  • Buena Vista – Great over the water location for lunch or dinner.
  • Bibi’s on the Beach – Awesome spot for lunch or dinner on Isla Carenero serving Caribbean and Seafood. Has a large deck and chairs to layout. Excellent beach nearby that is always clear and swimmable.


Whether you’re looking for something in a specific location/island, near the beach, over the water, romantic, casual or a specific cuisine, there are lots of great options for dinner! Below are some of our favorites. Each list is ordered by distance from our property (closest to furthest away).
  • Skully’s – Casual beach bar for lunch or dinner. Great for a lazy day lounging by the beach or in their pool! Great drinks and friendly environment. Closed in September.
  • Ciao Pizza – Delicious, authentic italian pizza cooked in a brick oven. Open for dinner only.
  • The Hummingbird – Great for a romantic dinner near the beach. High quality food, Argentinian BBQ every Saturday. Closed from late September to end of October.
  • The View at Oasis – One of the few options for lunch in the Bluff area. A good variety of options for lunch or dinner at very reasonable prices.
  • Azul Paradise Oceano – Lovely over the water location at one of the newest hotels in Bocas. Great service and high quality food. Open for lunch or dinner.
  • La Buguita Ocean Lounge – Casual spot with lots of space for lounging in a relaxed over the water location. Great location for lunch or dinner if you’re in town; with live music on a regular basis.
  • Buena Vista – Great over the water location for lunch or dinner.
  • Azul – They have a 6 course pre-fixed menu for an extremely reasonable price – with three options of meat, fish or vegetarian. High quality food, very creative. Reservations highly recommended.
  • Om Cafe – Delicious Indian and Thai food in a chill over the water location. Dinner only. Closed on the weekends.
  • El Ultimo Refugio – Away from the noise of main street, open for dinner serving high quality, predominantly Caribbean fusion. Closed on Sundays.
  • Bibi’s on the Beach – Awesome spot for lunch or dinner on Isla Carenero serving Caribbean and Seafood. Has a large deck and chairs to layout. Excellent beach nearby that is always clear and swimmable.
  • The Sea Monkey – Delicious restaurant open for dinner on Isla Bastimentos. Usually a fairly small menu, but high quality food. A bit of a mix of cuisines – menu changes regularly.
  • The Firefly – Located on Isla Bastimentos. VERY romantic, an easy but fun little hike to get to it (bring flashlights). Asian-Caribbean tapas style cuisine serving dinner only. Reservations REQUIRED.
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Surfing the Islands of Bocas del Toro is truly a world-class experience.The Caribbean Sea offers warm, crystal blue-green water and swells that can be enjoyed by seasoned veterans and beginners alike.

The majority of the breaks are coral reefs and beach breaks. The most accessible spots are on Isla Colon, Isla Carenero, and Isla Bastimentos. For the experienced and adventurous surfers, boat charters can be a great way to travel a few hours to breaks that will offer you the surf trip of a lifetime. Many of these secret spots offer excellent waves with just you and your friends in the line up.

  • Isla Colon hosts a few great breaks ranging from steep, hollow beach breaks such as Bluff beach, to peaky reef breaks such as Playa Paunch and Tiger tails. Be fair warned that the power and strength of waves like Bluff beach should only be surfed by experienced surfers who know how to make steep drops and are experienced tube riders.
  • Isla Carenero has two great surfing spots, one for beginners and one for the experienced surfer. A great beginner to intermediate wave is Black Rock located on the Southeast side of Carenero. For very experienced and respectful surfers, the wave at The Point can offer steep, hollow lefts that deliver some of the longest rides in Bocas. “La Punta” will also be one of the more crowded waves around with many of Bocas del Toro’s best local surfers tearing it up on the good days.
  • Isla Bastimentos has some of the best beach breaks around, such as Wizard Beach, Third Beach and Long Beach. Access to these waves requires a 10 to 30 minute boat taxi from Bocas town, or a long walk if you are staying on Bastimentos. For the expert local surfers or travelers who’s timing is perfect, there is a Right hand Reef break called Silverbacks, which rarely breaks unless the waves are 15 – 20 Foot. This break is the heaviest wave around and rivals some of the big wave breaks on Hawaii’s North shore.
There are three surf shops in Bocas town that can offer you rentals, lessons and all of your surf necessities such as boards, rash guards, leashes, wax, sunscreen and the latest surf gear from top International brands.
  • Mono Loco Surf School
  • Escuela del Mar
  • La Buga Dive & Surf Shop


Crystal clear Caribbean, virtually perfect water temperatures year-round, thriving coral gardens, sea turtles, mangroves, seahorses…there are so many reasons that scuba diving in Bocas Del Toro should be a “must do” on your Panama vacation, yet Bocas Del Toro is still a lesser known diving destination waiting to be discovered.

Bocas Del Toro is also part of the protected La Amistad International Reserve that it shares with Costa Rica which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park protects the marine rich coral reefs between Bastimentos, Coral Cay and the Zapatilla Cays which are home to sloths, monkeys, the poisonous red dart frog and 4 species of sea turtles that call the beaches and mangroves of these island home and contribute to the rich biodiversity found both above and below the sea. More importantly, these parks are home to some of the best dive sites!

Whether you are looking to get your feet wet with a Discover Scuba course in Bocas Del Toro, or you are an advanced diver looking for a challenge, Bocas Del Toro Scuba Diving offers something for everyone. Better yet, Bocas Del Toro is one of the cheapest diving destinations in the world. So don’t just think about getting certified to dive in Panama, just do it!

There are about 15 regularly visited dive sites in Bocas Del Toro that are typically within 5 to 20 minutes boat ride from Isla Colon. With dive sites named Coral Cay, Coral Gardens, Hospital Point, Punta Caracol (seashell point), and Punta Manglar (mangrove point), you already know the diving in Bocas Del Toro has to be pretty special.

If you’re ready to get started planning your diving adventure in Bocas, here are the best dive operations in town for you to check out.

  • Bocas Dive Center
  • Panama Dive School
  • La Buga Dive & Surf Shop


Go where the taxis don’t take you – explore Isla Colon and its beautiful surroundings on your own four wheels!

Flying Pirates has 1400 acres of private property available exclusively for Flying Pirates customers. Experience beautiful snorkeling locations, breathtaking private beaches, lush tropical rainforest and more!

They have created multiple ATV trails using nothing but a machete and a chainsaw to give customers access to La Piscina, Blue Lagoon, Christian’s Beach, Rock Beach, Bat Caves; plus you’ll go deep in the jungle where you will encounter monkeys, sloths, and other incredible wildlife. These exclusive swimming locations and wildlife encounters are rarely seen by tourists!

They only use the best machines and they are maintained daily at their full service shop by qualified mechanics. The quads are Honda TRX250 semi automatic and they seat a maximum of two people on each. All quads come equipped with a solid metal ‘lockbox’ to keep all your belongings safe and secure while you’re swimming in the beautiful blue oceans or lagoons.

Choose from half day, full day, multiple days and guided tours.

The half day rental option gives you enough time to see Playa Bluff and beyond, however, the full day option allows you to really stop and see everything without rushing and watching the clock – you are on vacation after all! The multiple day option is an excellent way to get around the island during your entire stay. Don’t wait around for taxis – have the freedom to go where you want to, when you want to, and experience the exhilaration of the wind blowing in your hair and beautiful nature surrounding you!

Rental Requirements

Valid drivers license and passport

Website: http://flyingpiratesbocas.com/
Phone: 6689 – 5050
Email: FlyingPirates@yahoo.com


Canopy Tour Zipline
Elevated on the island hilltops near the Villas at Red Frog Beach, you will soar through the rainforest canopy, discovering unique island ecology and feel moments of adrenaline. One of the top-rated tours in Bocas Del Toro and universally enjoyed by everyone…an unforgettable experience and highly recommended!

The Experience of A Lifetime
Clip-in and ascend up the stairway to the first platform. Stop, look and listen!

Feel the rush of adrenaline and freedom of soaring through the air. Pass by trees that have been growing here for centuries; birds, monkeys and other exotic animals may curiously watch and welcome you to their treetop homes.

See why the Bastimentos Sky Zipline Canopy Tour Is the most popular tour in all the Bocas Archipelago:

  • 7 Ziplines
  • Treetop Challenge Course (optional)
  • Swaying Sky Bridge
  • 150 Feet High
  • Vertical Rappel
  • Up To 1000 Foot Long Zip
  • Eco-centered design
  • Well-trained, safety conscious, upbeat zipline team
  • Tour lasts about 2 hours
  • Well-trained, safety conscious, upbeat zipline team
  • Water Taxi Access from Bocas Town
  • Island truck ride to the top of the island


  • Sailing Adventures: Bocas del Toro’s best sailing adventures. We offer daily and overnight sailing tours throughout the Bocas archipelago. Let us show you spots that no one else knows.
  • Private Boat Tours: This isn’t your average boat tour. We don’t go to crowded beaches or do the regular circuits like the rest of Bocas. If you’re in for real adventure contact us.
  • Surfing Adventures: Come learn how to surf or go on surfing adventures here in beautiful Bocas del Toro. Our private boat and surf guide are the best in Bocas.
  • Snorkeling Adventures: Avoid the crowds and come snorkeling with us to secret spots no one else goes to. Our reefs are full of color and life. Make sure to bring a camera!


Experience a 5-star sport fishing excursion with Captain Roger and the rest of the crew at True Grit Sport fishing— Bocas Del Toros leading deep sea fishing charter and tour service. Big catches, good times and lasting memories are what we do best. Our luxury boats, amenities and friendly staff are here to ensure you have a safe, comfortable and relaxing day on the water from the moment you set sail to the moment you dock.

Made for fishermen by fishermen—our 32 foot boat was designed and built in Costa Rica and is fully-equipped for your comfort during a day of exciting sport fishing. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or it’s your first time, you’ll enjoy off-shore fishing, in-shore fishing or fly fishing on some of Bocas Del Toros fastest luxury boats.

A True Grit Sportfishing Charter and Tour includes:

  • Spacious fishing areas at the front and back of the boat
  • Lots of shade to protect you from the sun
  • Comfortable seating for 5 people
  • A large bathroom
  • A refrigerator stocked with snacks and condiments
  • Fresh snacks and lunches
  • Large coolers filled with water, pop, beer, and ice
  • The newest and best fish finder including a GPS, Chart Plotter, and Radar
  • All brand new Penn Fishing gear
  • Fighting chair – the best seat in the house!
  • Live well and 8 Tuna tubes
  • 30 gallons of fresh water on board
  • 10 gallons of drinking water on board
  • An English speaking crew
  • Vacupak to preserve your catch of the day
  • Fast and quiet ride to get you to and from your destination safely


Horseback trails on the beautiful island of San Cristobal with Panama Horseback Adventures!

A day out with Panama Horseback is a genuine jungle adventure!

Panama Horseback Adventures operate from their island ranch on Isla San Cristobal in the beautiful archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Dave Hopper and his team will take you trekking through beautiful island countryside, surrounded by jungle and stunning vistas.  Dave has extensive equine knowledge and experience and can organize horseback rides on the island for up to 10 people.

This is a great group or family day out and only a short boat ride from Bocas Town.  The transportation from Bocas is included in the price.

Dave has recently added a NEW distance tour for expert riders that goes from the front side of San Cristobal through to Dolphin Bay. This will be an adventurous day which is already proving to be a popular jungle riding experience.

There are discounts on all treks of 10 or more riders!  English and Spanish speaking tours also available. Telephone +507 6905 9659



In the wonderful archipelago of Bocas del Toro Xtreme 507 offers you a unique entertainment, paddling in our fantastic bio diversity. They offer Stand Up Paddle courses, escorted tours, Stand Up Yoga, Pilates, Wind Sup and much more: drinks, food, music and lot of fun.

They offer lessons, board rentals where you can choose where to go, or a great range of activities whether you want a relaxing day, some exercise on the water, or a bit of adventure.

Contact them directly to make reservations and for their current rates:
(507) 6206-7290 or email info@xtreme507.com


Join the Mistral center to enjoy the pleasures of the stand up paddle, wind Sup, Pilates and Yoga. Let them introduce you to the basics of these disciplines. Enjoy the beautiful landscape that Bocas del Toro has to offer.

Stand Up Paddle Lessons/Rentals
Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. This sport include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), Paddle board yoga and even fishing.


Are you an explorer and adventurer? Paddle board in order to join nature and regain your connection to yourself. Xtreme 507 is all about bringing new experiences to people and taking them on a journey of discovery that they will never forget. They offer a wide variety of other tours at different locations, including full day adventures!!

Find the tour site that’s perfect for you!


The WindSUP are the boards that cover windsurfing and paddle-boarding in one. … A fabulous paddle board which performs very well in the waves and at the same time doubles as an entry-level windsurfer

WINDSUP® is a Mistral registered brand


SUP Pilates offers total body conditioning and balance training with a workout that makes you feel like you’ve walked on water.

Using your SUP board as a Pilates mat, you will experience a session of leg strengthening, upper body toning, and core exercises that alternate with bursts of quick paddling.

Simple exercises performed in a studio take on a whole new challenge with the movement of the SUP board in water.


Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) just happen to go together very well. Doing yoga on a paddleboard enhances the yoga workout. The paddleboard makes a fine yoga mat and the extra balance required by being on the water intensifies the yoga routine. The peacefulness and tranquility of floating on the water combines nicely with the meditative nature of yoga.
  • Increase Focus & Concentration
  • Increase Balance & Core Strength
  • Connect with Nature


If you’re staying on Isla Colón or Carenero Island, the easiest and most convenient way to watch Sea Turtles lay their eggs or hatch from them is at Bluff Beach.

Bluff Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Archipelago and is known for its vast stretches of pristine golden sand and its powerful surf.  Bluff Beach is about a 20 minute drive from Bocas Town and you’ll rarely find it crowded with tourists.

The season for nesting runs from March through to the end of September, and hatching from May until November.

Visit the Sea Turtle Nesting Booth located on the northwest corner of the park in Bocas Town to sign up for a tour of the Bluff Beach Municipal Reserve.  See approximately 250 leatherback turtle nests, 100 hawksbill nests and 1-5 green turtle nests. The guided tours are given at night and start at Playa Bluff Beach.




Up in the Hill is our organic farm, situated on the highest hill on Bastimentos Island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. From here we have a 360 degree panoramic view of all the surrounding islands. You can get to us by walking up from the town of Old Bank or from Wizard Beach, it’s 20 minutes either way.

We started the farm in 2002. Before, it was mainly cow pastures with a small cacao and coconut plantation.

We are an eco-friendly farm and hold great respect for the environment.  Our energy is provided through solar panels and we have a rain catchment system here at our shop and home, as well as the guest cabins.

Fresh spring water is our back up in the dry season.

We recycle plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass. All of our compost is turned into organic waste.

A very high percentage of the wood we use in the construction of our shop and cabins comes from our own reforestation project. We have local woods such as Laurel, Nispero and Cedar growing in large quantity here on our farm.

Take a Tour of Our Organic Farm!

Learn about Permaculture, Tropical Trees, Plants & Flowers, Sustainable Life, Chocolate Process, Frogs, Birds, & Nature!


Green Acres Chocolate Farm is a privately owned and operated working chocolate farm and botanical gardens. Nestled on the south shore of Dolphin Bay, the 2-hour tour introduces you to a  lush tropical rainforest, beautifully maintained botanical gardens and a vast cacao (chocolate) plantation. Accessible by boat and only 10 miles from Bocas Town, the 30 acres of paradise provides the perfect environment to learn about the flora and fauna of Panama.  Guests regularly see howler monkeys, toucans, sloths and poison dart frogs. You can also see a wide variety of birds. The botanical gardens are a haven for butterflies and other tropical insects. Learn how the cacao is grown in a sustainable manner. See how it is dried and roasted and turned into 100% organic chocolate and nibs.  Samples are provided!

The adventure begins with the boat ride from town, which brings you down through beautiful Dolphin Bay. You may even be lucky enough to spot some of the resident dolphins on the way.  When approaching Green Acres, you will observe from a distance, the lush botanical gardens surrounding the home. Before you “hit the trail”, your Chocolate Farm tour will begin with a brief history of the property and the farm.  You will then make your way along an easy to moderate, well worn path through the rainforest. The tour guide will spend time pointing out indigenous trees and medicinal plants and explain how many traditional Indian uses are still in practice even to this day.  You will see the extensive plantation of cacao trees and get to open a pod straight from the tree as you learn more about cacao and the farming methods. The highlight is the visit to the “chocolate factory”. Here you will see the cacao at various stages of its production, as it ferments and dries prior to its transformation into 100% organic chocolate, nibs and other sumptuous products.  No sugar is added and no cocoa butter is removed. You will also learn lots of interesting facts about chocolate and its health benefits! The journey ends back at the house where you will have the opportunity to chat and ask questions while taking a cool drink and try samples of the homemade chocolate products. All of the products are available for purchase.

Please note:  Reservations are required.  Please be on time! Tours begin promptly.


The Oreba Chocolate Tour in Bocas del Toro not only highlights cacao cultivation and chocolate production, which is quickly becoming one of Panama’s most coveted exports, but also lets visitors experience life in an indigenous Ngabe community. With its lush greenery and native chocolate making demonstrations, the tour is just over a year old now and receiving rave reviews just about anywhere you look. Just as some of the world’s best coffee comes from Boquete, Panama people are starting to discover that some of the world’s best chocolate comes from Bocas del Toro.

In the Oreba Chocolate tour, local guides who are cacao farmers in the community describe and show the entire process of organic shade-grown cacao, explaining every step of the way including growing, harvesting, fermenting, drying and ultimately roasting and making chocolate.

The tour, which is completely run and managed by the indigenous Ngabe farmers in the community, takes travelers through an adventurous hike that weaves in and out of jungle and cacao trees, and because the tour takes place within the protected shade grown farms of the locals, there are always many animals to see along the way. Being able to spot poison dart frogs, sloths, and toucans is not uncommon.

The highlight of the tour has to be the chocolate demonstration where local Ngabe women in traditional dress teach each visitor how to make chocolate the way they have been doing it for centuries. This all takes place under a traditional thatched roof rancho tucked away in the mountainous cacao farm which makes the chocolate-making demonstration even more special. The tour concludes with a traditional Ngabe meal consisting of some of the most delicious vegetables, local roots and chicken around.

There will be plenty of chocolate and cacao products to buy at the end of the tour and the products are much cheaper here than in any store.  100% of proceeds go the community and portions of the proceeds go directly towards education and health care for the community, so after you have indulged yourself with delicious chocolate, you can feel good about supporting the local indigenous community as well. There is no doubt that for tourists and locals who are in Panama seeking something different, informative, adventurous, and delicious, the Oreba Chocolate Tour should be at the top of your list.

The tour is located in Bocas del Toro and is just 15 minutes from the boat dock in Almirante.

Please book ahead in Bocas Town at Hostel Heike or Casa Verde or by calling 6649-1457 for Spanish and 6411-5670 for English. Depending on bookings, tours run twice daily starting at 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. from the Bocas Marine Tours boat dock in Almirante. The tour runs about 3-4 hours.

Transportation is included to and from Almirante (on the mainland, a 15 minute boat ride from Bocas Town) and 15 minutes away from the Oreba Chocolate Tour in Rio Oeste Arriba.

Oreba Chocolate products can be bought at Super Gourmet in Casco Viejo and Bocas Island.


Welcome to Monkey Island Tours at the Monkey Island Foundation!

Toutie the White-headed capuchin – Monkey Island Tour

During this educational wildlife tour you will get to interact with some of our resident monkeys and learn lots about each of the species we look after.  All while you take in the beautiful scenery of a unique and remote mangrove island…a true monkey paradise!

Don’t miss the chance to experience a unique and unforgettable tour during your visit to Bocas del Toro, Panama.

All the money we collect from tour entrance fees goes 100% into covering the monkeys’ costs (food, enclosure maintenance, visits to the vet, and check-ups).

During your visit to the island, you can enjoy other activities such as:  snorkeling and swimming around the island, playing volleyball in the water, and relaxing in one of our many hammocks or lounging areas.

Lunch is available upon request, as well as cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages.

To schedule a tour with us, please contact us via phone or e-mail.  You can reach us via e-mail at: monkeyislandtour@gmail.com or by phone at +507-6668-2027



Finca Los Monos (the Monkey Farm) is a privately funded garden. It is situated on Isla Colon, the largest island in the enchanting archipelago of Bocas del Toro, on the Caribbean coast of the Republic of Panama. At 9.2 degrees north of the Equator, the islands enjoy a steady temperature of between 80 and 93 degrees (27 C – 33 C) all year round, with adequate rainfall to keep them lush and humid.

Finca Los Monos is a 10 minute drive from our property, just before the Smithsonian Institute, on the IDAAN hilltop. The farm spanning the island from coast to coast has stunning views, both eastward toward the archipelago of Bocas del Toro and westward toward the mountainous mainland, with the turquoise Caribbean in between.

Come visit and bathe in the beauty and sensory delights of Finca Los Monos to share the wonder of tropical nature.  Bring your camera and binoculars for an unforgettable tour.

Tours last about 2 hours. Refreshments provided

Sturdy footwear recommended

For more information or to book a tour:

+507 757 9461 or +507 6729 9943
Email – gillinghamdl@yahoo.com


One man’s trash is another man’s condo

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Robert came to Bocas several years ago and has had his hand in many projects throughout this time. Robert spearheaded the Bocas recycling program in 2012, where he and some volunteers, and a few part time workers, made a positive change in the cleanliness of the islands beaches and town. In a short amount of time, it was staggering to see the amount of recycled materials being removed from the garbage, and saved from being burned or buried in the only one landfill. He estimates “that he had over 1 million bottles that was accumulated, during the period of one and half year he collected the bottles”. The recycling program was a breath of fresh air for the islands residents and many tourists visiting annually.

Message from Robert:

People have changed. The world has changed. If we got to a point where we need to drink water in plastic bottles, we surely have changed! Humans have now reached an increasing volume of 7.3 billion people on the planet. If each one of us drink only one bottle a day, we are looking at 2.6 trillion bottles a year. Where are they? Where do they go?

Why are developed countries of the world, working so hard to recycle a small percentage of the volume of plastic bottles being discarded, when the developing countries which are greater in volume, have not yet realized what is happening to the planet, with the immense plastic problem we face.

Unless developed countries organize, unite, and educate the developing countries, and give them an incentive to pick-up and reuse the plastic bottles already discarded, we all loose!

I want the world to realize that we can reuse plastic bottles in many other applications such as:

  • Home insulation
  • Rapid temporary shelters after disasters
  • Buildings for animal’s on farms
  • Building swimming pools
  • Water catchment tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Agriculture water ways (land drainage)
  • Commercial warehouse construction
  • Barns
  • Roads


Rare gems are still found in Bocas del Toro!  Step out of your comfort zone and experience this natural thrill.  The Bat Cave Tour is a fun and adventurous way to see a different side of this tropical paradise!


See Bocas del Toro from a different angle
Explore and swim through an underground cave
Lots of wildlife
Ride in an indigenous Cayuco boat carved from a tree trunk
Perfect activity on a rainy day!

Go to Hello Panama website to book your tour!


It’s hard to imagine nicer beaches than Bocas del Toro, Panama. Fine white sand and clear turquoise waters offered seemingly to only you as there’s just a handful of other beach goers around; a tranquil and seductive paradise.

Below is a list of the various beaches around Bocas that are primarily known as great places to hang out. Some of these are well know destinations, others are spots that mostly locals know of – but all are a wonder to visit – and a different kind of adventure getting to each one!


These beaches are the closest to us and are best for surfers, as even on calm days, there is a lot of coral in the area. But, on those days when the water is calmest, you can go up and down the beach road and find little sand bars that are perfect for a quick dip and a relaxing sit in the shallow end. Or, just sit on the sand and watch the surfers!


Playa Bluff is a beach roughly 6 miles (10 km) away from Bocas town and is the largest beach on Isla Colon.

Although Bluff Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Panama’s Caribbean, it’s not always swimmer friendly as it is directly exposed to the surf. You really shouldn’t get into the water unless the swell is less than a couple of feet (on certain days in April, May, September and October). Having said this, when the swell is right, tide pools are created which are great for the young ones to paddle in safely, while the grown ups have a good surf or body board session (always keep on eye on the young ones please!).  Bluff beach should only be surfed by expert or pro surfers.

Bluff is about a 45 minute bicycle ride from our property, or about an hour walk.


If on the other hand you are looking for a deserted piece of paradise, and don’t mind biking further (about double the distance to Bluff), you should go to Mimbitimbi. The 1 hour bike ride from Bluff is an easy one, although some spots may be muddy depending when you are coming during the year, but it is mostly flat. When you see a muddy spot, just get off your bike and carry it over.

As it will take you about 1.5 – 2 hours to get to Mimbitimbi from here, we recommend to leave early enough so that you can return before sunset (and taxis can only get to the end of Bluff). You could leave in the morning, take your lunch to enjoy at Mimbitimbi and then stop at Bluff for an early dinner or some drinks before you head back.

On your way to Mimbitimbi, you will pass by ” La Piscina” (or swimming pools in English), a stunning protected cove with calm waters, perfect for snorkeling and bathing. Just follow the signs and you will find them.

A hidden treasure, this cove is so secluded tucked away from everything, including the open ocean. A narrow water inlet feeds the Caribbean Sea into a football-field-sized turquoise green pool, surrounded by jungle and filled with colorful coral and starfish. As far as romance goes, it doesn’t get any better.

For the more courageous ones, you won’t believe your eyes once you arrive at Mimitimbi. you will be amazed by how beautiful nature can be when it is unspoiled by human presence. There is really nothing, so bring enough water with you to stay hydrated (or grab a coconut from a palm tree), and snacks!

Also bring your camera to Mimitimbi, because this is definitely a spot where you will want to take pictures to make all your friends jealous!

This entire trip can also be done by renting an ATV.


Bocas del Drago beach is on the north west side of Isla Colon. The best way to get to this beach is to take a bus, which was more like a collectivo or a van ride-share type. It is about a 45 minute drive to Bocas del Drago. Only avid, fit, well trained cyclists can ride here as the roads are bumpy and difficult to peddle, but also lots of hills. But for those that love to bike, this can be an amazing ride.

To get here, you go through the jungle, past farms, and even through a few little towns with school yards overrun with little Panamanian kids playing everywhere.  But finally coming out of the jungle onto the northern coast at Boca del Drago is when the ride really becomes fun.

The last few km’s follow a sandy path that hugs the coast line and wraps around the point between Colon & the mainland, & heads back south.  After a few minutes of zig zagging through palm trees, and your tires sinking in the sand, you finally arrive at Bocas del Drago Beach – a laid-back, chill beach with nothing but a few restaurants & fishermen hauling their most recent catch up onto the sand to slice & dice in front of your eyes.


Its roughly a 30-45 minute walk left (south) of Bocas del Drago beach.

It’s named after the starfish that live here. Even without the beautiful starfish that dot the crystal clear water, Starfish Beach is exceptional in that the atmosphere never fails to feel like a party no matter when you arrive. For $2.50, a local bus takes you from the park in Bocas Town to Bocas del Drago where awaiting water taxis drop you off at Starfish Beach. There, DJ booths provide the soundtrack as people snorkel, swim, sunbathe on lounge chairs available for rent, or eat fresh seafood from the local stands.

However, you can just as easily walk down the trail to find a secluded spot and have a beach all to yourself when you want to get away from it all.

This is not the beach to come to for waves (there are none), nor to party (there aren’t many people), but to relax, eat a seafood lunch and feel like you’re off the map.  Go for a swim and it’s possible to find starfish that decorate the bottom.


Across the ocean from Bocas Town lies the pristine blue waters of Carenero, just a 10 minute water taxi ride away. Although Bibi’s Restaurant and Aqua Lounge (both highly recommended by the way) share the island with this pristine beach, it is never as crowded as Starfish. Instead, surfers can be seen braving the waves in the distance while people enjoy the calmer waters on the shore caused by breaks in the sea. Carenero also boasts a guy with a grill who makes the best burgers in the archipelago for just $5 with all the topping! That alone is worth the trip; however, when you’re tired of swimming and sunbathing and need to work that burger off… The trails along the beach lead you through untouched wilderness to a cliff-side that it perfect for watching the sky change colors as the sunsets.


Located on Isla Bastimentos, it’s about a 15 minute boat ride to Isla Bastimentos. Red Frog sits on a gorgeous stretch of Isla Bastimentos and is bookended by two popular restaurant bars. Having these amenities conveniently within reach allows beachgoers to enjoy a day in the sun without too much prior planning. With water and food taken care of, it’s always guaranteed great day to show up, pay the park entry fee, hitch a ride on the beach shuttle or take a scenic 10 minute jungle walk and find yourself on the shore of one of the most picturesque coastlines offered in the archipelago.

At one end of the beach, Palmar Tent Lodge has an amazing patio with comfy chairs and couches, and often has daytime BBQs, live music, and a tasty lunch menu. Just a short walk away, Punta Lava Bar & Grill also has an established menu, a bar full of tasty island cocktails and even a WiFi hotspot.

While some prefer to shack up in the shade of the jungle foliage for free, for just a few bucks you can rent a lawn chair or a shady cabana for the afternoon. The water doesn’t get too rough for most of the year and is appealing to families with children, as well as bodysurfers and those who just love to splash around.

This popular beach provides ample people watching while still allowing plenty of space for sports, relaxation, and activities. It’s a perfect and charming mix of small-town paradise with all of the amenities of the more populated tourist destinations in Central America.


One of the most beautiful stretches of beach on Isla Bastimentos, this secluded section of coastline is ringed by a gorgeous coral reef, keeping the water calm and providing one of the most optimal environments in Bocas del Toro for snorkeling. It’s very likely that you’ll be the only ones enjoying Polo Beach on any particular day, as it’s only accessible by jungle hike or direct shoreline access by boat during calmer seas. The beach gets its name from an infamous “Polo” character who left the spoils of civilization to make this stretch of land his home for years on end. Like many species of rare indigenous frogs and other wildlife native to Bastimentos, he can still be spotted occasionally in the area.

Go do some cave snorkeling and beach bumming, and then come in to eat lunch with Polo, who loves cooking for new friends.


Although all of the islands in Bocas del Toro are beautiful, many consider the two Zapatillas cays to be the most stunning.  These two mangrove islands rise out of the turquoise-blue water and are surrounded by brilliantly-colored reefs, and are likely the islands you’ve seen on Bocas del Toro postcards/advertisements.  Both of these islands are part of the Isla Bastimentos National Park, and are an important nesting site for leatherback turtles. Actually, more scientists visit these islands than tourists, but you can book a tour from Bocas Town & go check them out for yourself.  Just be prepared to pay a little more than other tours (Zapatillas are farther away than other islands) in addition to a $10 park entrance fee that is also required to visit the island.