Britta and me have decided to begin a new life. We both travelled a lot in the world (Africa, Asia, North America, Europe) and made a lot of experiences. Now we want to give our experiences to our guests. We both are also very excited and passionated hobby chefs. International dishes and of course German dishes are our passion! Our guests are our #1 priority and our goal is to ensure that every guest has an exceptional and memorable experience while staying with us in Casa Oceana.

See you in Bocas del Toro!

Britta & Karsten


P.S.: since March 2022 we are having a Cuteness manager, our ‘little’ Heimdall!



We are 100 yards from the beach and only a short bike ride away to great surfing, restaurants, and Bocas town. As for the property, it has a beautiful garden, lush scenery, amazing wildlife and vegetation. This house is also in the perfect location on the island! We are close to town, but far enough to be quiet and private.


  • We provide our guests with beach towels and free water (1 bottle per guest/day).
  • Free WiFi is available at the property.
  • We have books and games available. Each room is equipped with a flat screen TV and DVD player with access to Netflix.
  • In the hall are two fridges, filled with water, softdrinks and beer. There is also a basket with sweets, chips/crisps and cookies. Also a Dolce Gusto Coffeemaker is available. You can buy these things at a cheap price.
  • Each room has an AC unit.
  • We are on a water catchment system and we are also connected to city water. Because the city limits the amount and times water is distributed, we are very mindful of water conservation, especially during dry season. We have a three-stage system in our home where water passes through filters and a UV light, which makes it safe.
  • There is a safe in each room. We will give you the combination to each one.
  • We are renting out Mountainbikes for our guests for a small daily fee (first come-first served basis). It is your responsibility to keep the bikes locked at all times (a lock will be provided).
  • We do not provide “water toys” (snorkeling gear, surf boards, or paddle boards). There are places nearby where you can rent these.
  • Breakfast is included in your stay and will be served between 8-10am in the dining area or on your room terrace. If you have activities planned, let us know in advance and we will have breakfast prepared earlier for you.
  • We do not enter the room for any reason unless it’s requested or if we notify you in advance. Therefore, daily housekeeping is an option.
  • Sheets are changed after every 4th night, towels after every 2nd night of your stay. If there is a water shortage on the island, sheets will be changed every 7 days, towels every 4 days. But always after consultation!
  • Only beach towels should be brought to the beach. Bath and hand towels must remain in the rooms.
  • Check out is at 11am. Any outstanding balances will need to be settled before departure.
  • Because we are in a tropical area, be aware that there are a lot of mosquitos and “chitres” (also called sand fleas) at the beach. We recommend you to use a strong insect repellent.
  • Although we love pets, they are not allowed at our property. We have one dog that live with us. Our dog is very friendly, but if you do not like dogs or have allergies, we will do our best to keep him out of your way.
  • We can provide basic concierge service as needed.
  • The rooms are strictly smoke-free and candles are prohibited in our rooms.
  • We are on city electric (electrical outlets are 120v). Power outages are very common in Bocas, therefore, we provide battery-operated lanterns for our guests and solar powered, motion-censored lighting throughout the property.


We have two airlines which travel between Panama City (Albrook Airport) and Bocas del Toro. Flytrip (www.flytrip.com.pa) and Air Panama (www.airpanama.com). Consult their websites to know schedules and prices of the flights.

A flight from Panama City to Bocas is usually around an hour and it brings you right into Bocas Town. This is a popular option because the flights are so short. If you do not want to fly, there are other options.


From Panama City: There is a very big bus terminal in the city, Albrook Terminal, where you can purchase tickets to Bocas Del Toro. There is an express bus that can get you to the islands in about 10-12 hours with only 1 rest stop halfway. You can catch one early in the morning, which is great because you can see first-hand the incredible and diverse country of Panama, with beautiful cloud forests, lush fields and banana trees. Or you can opt for the night bus, which some people prefer because you can sleep while traveling, which gets you to Almirante (the port city) around 7 or 8 a.m.

From Costa Rica: You can hop on a bus in San Jose or any other small town in Costa Rica, and go to the border town of Sixaola where you will cross the border into Guabito, Panama. There are a few things you will need while making the border crossing:  your passport (of course), proof of leaving the countries, (both Panama and Costa Rica require proof that you will be traveling onward) and entrance and exit fees (usually between $3 and $10 USD). Once you cross over into Panama you can find either a taxi or bus that is going to the Port town of Almirante. There are many people coming and going so finding a ride is easy.

Traveling from Panama City, take the Panamerican Highway up to the entrance to Gualaca (404 Km). Turn to the right and the road to Chiriqui Grande (98 Km). At Rambala (90 km), in a crossroads where there are a gas station and a restaurant, turn to the left, taking the road to Almirante (68 km) and Changuinola (98 km). Roads are paved, in good condition. You can leave your car in Almirante or bring it to Bocas via ferry.

In Almirante, take Water Taxi 25 ($6/person), that departs each half hour from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm to Bocas del Toro. The boat ride is approximately 25 minutes.

It takes the ferry approximately 2 hours to get to Bocas del Toro. The cost of moving a car in the Ferry depends on its size. For more information, call +507 6614-0515 or email info@ferrybocas.com

You can also contact Caribe Shuttle and they will arrange your travel for you.



Tell the taxi driver you are going to Casa Oceana in Big Creek. Most taxi drivers will know where to go. (Big Creek is the area by Lago Lake, or the Reserve as they call it.) We are located 2 miles away from Bocas Town. The cab ride will be about $2 per person.

If the taxi driver doesn’t know where to go, tell them the following:

  • Take the main road out of town and pass Playa Tortuga (which will be on your right).
  • On your right, pass Villa Paraiso, then turn left (before the bridge). If you’ve gone over the bridge, you’ve gone too far.
  • Once you’ve turned left, we are the 3rd house on the left.
  • At the end of our driveway, there is a painted sign that reads “Casa Oceana”.


  • Bocas del Toro has a lot to offer, but it is not for everyone. Before booking your trip, read through the information provided. You can also check out http://bocasdeltoro.travel/ and http://bocasdeltoro.com/. We want you to be prepared so that you will have an amazing vacation!



  • Please note the seasons below. This is important when booking your trip. Some businesses will close during low season.
    • Low Season: May 1-December 14
    • Holiday: December 15-January 15
    • High Season: January 16-April 30
    • Rainy Season: December, January and May thru August
    • Dry Season: February-April and September-November with October being the slowest part of the season
    • Surfing: December-April and June and July
    • Swimming: September and October
  • The hottest and driest months of the year are September and October, which are also the slowest months. This is a great time to visit Bocas if you want to beat the crowds. You may also be able to get more bargains during this time.
  • High season is wetter than the rest of the year, but is a great time for surfing.



  • Panama uses the U.S. dollar as currency. Occasionally (during busy times, particularly around the holidays) it can run out of money. Major credit cards are only accepted in a few restaurants, hotels, and stores, so be sure to bring plenty of cash with you. Be sure to carry small bills, especially for water taxis and cabs.



  • Our bed and breakfast is not suitable for infants or young children. Children ages 13 and up are welcomed to stay with us.


What To Bring

  • Light rain jacket/sweater – it can get chilly on rainy days!
  • Large hat
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen, min. SPF 30!
  • Umbrella/rain poncho
  • Sandals/flip-flops
  • Sneakers – some tours require a little bit of hiking
  • Sturdy plastic bags – for phones, camera or anything else you don’t want to get wet.
  • A good attitude! In the Caribbean, things might take longer to happen, plans may change, rains could park over the islands and make themselves at home. Also, the ATM, the electricity, internet, and even the water service could run out on you at times. This is all part of your trip so take it as the material for a good story and you will enjoy your stay a lot more.